Here you can find the selected slaps for the table of your dreams.

Following measurements for processing the wood from a solid piece:

Length: up to 350 cm

Width: up to 90 cm

Thickness: up to 6 cm

European walnut wood

Walnut wood has a uneven, light to blackish brown coloring, which can have a red or purple glimmer. The grain is active with wide and dark veins, which uneven pervade the wood. The structure oft he grain can be striped, mottled or cloudy at the walnut wood. The color and the structure of the wood are different on the locations. French walnut has a warm, reddish glimmer and a regular structure. Due to the induvidual coloring and graining, the surface structure makes a lively impression.

Walnut is a noble wood and used for interior, instrument building of pianos, cockpits for luxury cars, gun stocks, or panelling,


The wood is rigid, dense and fibrillar. It has a uneven fiber course and well recognisable annual rings.

It looks high quality. The color is the significant distinctive feature in contrast to the pear tree, because it is clear reddish. Elsbeere is very dense and heavy, but medium hardness, flexible and stiffly. It is easy to treat and machine, but only with high effort.

The deceptive similarity in contrast of pear wood lead to the indication „swiss pear tree“.

Elsbeere is often taken as expensive and high quality option in contrast to pear wood.

It is used especially for interior design. It is taken for the production of exclusive furniture with high standard for quality and design. Also for the production of individual furniture, and musical instruments Elsbeere is well used.