Handmade design furniture and noble accessoires

Handmade design furniture and noble accessoires with extraordinary natural form and practicable application.



Born from our imagination, we combine the feeling of the sense with natural wood creations.


Wood gets a heart and a soul due to our artistic skills.


About us

Design furniture & noble Accessoires

The harmonic interaction with high-valued materials, professional processing and exceptional designs is our profession. The large selection of our design furnitures & accessoires shall inspire you and excite your creativity. Our service is the basic for our success. Your satisfaction and enthusiasm is the incentive for our motivation of design. VIGOR attaches particular importance on the exceptional that the high standards of quality remain affordable and give you a great deal of pleasure.

You can realise extraordinary ideas with VIGOR, which cost you a small fortune elsewhere. The customer orientation requires from VIGOR that the fulfillment of functional and aesthetic requirements of various customer is the highest premise.

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Influenced from the beautiness, which presents us the nature as wood, stone and metal,
we combine itself with passion of the designer and the harmony of the materials.

Coffee Tables.


New Projects.





100 % natural oils protect and refine our valuable products and bring the beautiness to their best.


To bring you closer to the uniqueness and beautiness of the nature is our mission.